Assisted Living: Pros and Cons

There comes a point in life when many people have to decide on whether to continue living independently, or transitioning to an assisted living facility. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it’s best to consider these before making what can be a life changing decision. Weighing the pros and cons is important.

Assisted living services for seniors can provide a number of benefits. One of those is flexibility. As we age, our bodies change, and so do our needs. Properly staffed facilities can help us at any stage of life. These facilities often have staff on hand that can make expert decisions on our health and give proper advice on conditions that could be considered ‘red flags.’ This staff is available full time, which means in emergencies, people can trust that they will receive critical attention.

There are a few cons, of course. The biggest concern people have is costs. Assisted living requires early planning on the part of a person so that they can afford the month to month costs. These costs can also increase as a person’s needs increase with age. For these reasons, it’s best to start making economic preparations sooner rather than later.

I admit it

Okay, you caught me, I’m blond and sometimes it’s hard to keep me on one subject, ya know?  My mind goes from one thing to another so fast sometimes I can’t even keep up with it but I usually come back to what I started with before you know it too. See we get a lot of ‘city folk’ as we call them and they can’t leave their laptops home because they think their lives will end if their hands aren’t attached to their laptops so the local businesses provide wireless internet to make them happy. Gotta do what you can to bring the customers in and keep them happy and coming back.

Throwing a Halloween bash

My friends and I are having a Halloween bash!! The place is all decorated in spooky stuff, have a hay ride through a spook trail, bobbing for apples, and a best costume contest to boot. It all starts at dark and the whole community is invited. Well most of it anyway.

I’m Scarlet O’Hara of course, Grace is a clown, Celeste is Snow White and Little Joe is one of the seven dwarfs, Happy!! He’s always smiling so Happy fits him perfect. All the adults have to bring a big bag of candy to help with the candy we give out to the kids that come by Trick-or-Treating and other than that, the party is free.

Hey, if you’re in the mountains of North Carolina, stop by and see us. I promise you’ll have a blast. Don’t forget to come in a costume!!!

The Perfect Year-Round Gift

Have you ever wanted to give a special someone in your life the perfect year-round gift he or she will enjoy? Better than something that keeps a person occupied in a house, a fishing boat lets the owner see and experience the great outdoors any time of year. While the fish may not be biting on a particular day, having the ability to get outside and experience nature helps people become more relaxed and gives time for quiet reflection.

The gift of a fishing boat is also fun activity that promotes bonding. Couples can have some quiet time together on the water and talk about life’s issues in a relaxing setting, or a spouse can spend the day with his or her fishing buddy while the other spouse pursues his or her interests. This mutual appreciation of each person’s hobbies helps provide end-of-day conversational topics and allows for each person to add another element of personal satisfaction in his or her life.

Not limited to adults, a fishing boat is also a great way for parents to teach children about the hobby of fishing and to instill boating safety techniques in their children. When old enough, parents can also encourage teens to take a boating safety class and teach them how to operate the boat. For this reason alone, having a boat is a great way to work on parent-child relationship building now and for years to come.

Halloween Parties for Grown Ups

This Friday night is when all the adults get to have their Halloween parties. The clubs and condo party rooms will be full of people in costumes, eating spooky snacks and having lots of fun. Downtown will be especially interesting this weekend, with just about everyone local going out in costume and only the out of towners still in street clothes.

Halloween is actually Saturday night, I am glad that I can go out and have some fun with my friends this Friday and then stay home to pass out candy to the kids on Saturday night.