Where to Enjoy Live Jazz in Palm Desert

Palm Desert has the perfect blend of nature and culture. From the majestic red rocks to its nightlife, there’s something for everyone in this eclectic city. Live jazz is common place in Palm Desert, but finding the best place will take a little work. Jazz is meant to be heard with broad acoustics and minimal interruptions from the crowd.

1.) The Show at Agua Caliente

The Agua Caliente is a resort, casino and spa in Rancho Mirage, CA. In 2008, the show was opened here: a venue dedicated to the arts. Boasting musicians like Billy Joel, Matchbox 20 and REO Speedwagon, The Show is also known for its jazz performances. The four-level facility keeps the shows intimate, with plush seats surrounding the stage.

2.) McCallum Theatre

The breathtaking stage of McCallum Theater opened in 1988 and has been wowing its guests with a wide range of musical acts ever since. The best place to see a Broadway show in Palm Desert, their jazz café series is equally impressive. The state-of-the-art sound system is perfect for capturing the intricacies of jazz, while even the farthest reaching seats can enjoy the show with an unobstructed view.

Super long clip

When I was looking at the webpage that sells a sheet music stand I noticed something that didn’t look like a sheet music stand at all, and it piqued me curiosity. I clicked on the picture to see if I could find out more about it, and it took me to a different page with a description of the item. It was a really long clip that is used to keep sheet music from shifting around on the stand. I immediately thought of all of the times I have used clothes pins to clip things together and how I’ve wished that the clothes pins were longer. Now I know exactly what I can buy to replace those clothes pins that are just too short to get the job done! This is awesome!

Hot Yoga Pants

photo yoga pants
My girlfriend Natasha is a yoga instructor and very enthusiastic about her yoga classes. She keeps inviting me to come, but I have never really been a fan. I don’t like to exercise and this does not look like something I would enjoy doing.

However, these yoga pants are really hot and I would be fine with buying them to wear around the house. I even see girls at the Food Lion wearing yoga pants while they shop. I guess if you are well toned and not fat, you can get away with wearing pants like this out in public.

I’m not fat, but I think yoga pants don’t look good on a lot of people and unfortunately some people don’t seen to realize that fact. When I see a fat girl walking around in leggings or yoga pants, it makes me want to go up to her and slap some sense into her. Seriously!

Sometimes you need a little bit of help communicating

I was quite interested to hear my friend Linda talk about her experiences working as a pharmacy technician at a local Rite Aid store. She had learned a bit of Spanish back in high school (she took two years of Spanish) but then shortly after graduating from high school she moved to Maine, where nobody spoke Spanish. People either spoke English or Canadian-French where she lived for twenty-nine years.

When she moved back to Virginia, she started working at Rite Aid, and found that a lot of customers were Hispanic, and did not speak English at all. She tried to brush up on her high-school Spanish, but it had been over thirty years, and although she managed to help most of the customers, there were a few times when she had to call the store’s translation company and put the customer on the telephone to facilitate the communication that was important.

When she was taking pharmacy technician classes, she learned that the second-most popular language spoken in the city where the classes were being held was Farsi! Clearly, the need for translation services will continue to grow for many decades to come.

Happy Labor Day weekend

Well it looks like it’s going to be a great Labor Day weekend The weather is supposed to be warm and sunny, and we have been invited to my brother’s house to hang around his pool and enjoy some grilled burgers and chicken. We plan to bring a nice grape salad to chip in with the food.

I hope that each and every one of you has a safe and happy Labor Day. Unfortunately it’s also the sign of Autumn beginning but that’s okay. All things must change!!