Saving space

I don’t know about you, but I’m all about saving space. Having grown up in a house that gave me a very small bedroom, I am always looking for ways to maximize my space. Because of this, I end up using a lot of the walls to store things. One example of this would be using wall mount speaker brackets to put my small speakers, so I wouldn’t have to use up any shelf space of desk-top space. One advantage of this is that it protects the speakers from being knocked over by small pets that may be going exploring when your back is turned!

Storing vinyl records

Guest post by Dianne Trestle

When I split up with my first husband, I let him keep all of my vinyl records. I did that because I had agreed to let him keep the house, and I was having a very hard time getting people to help me move out of the house. I had hundreds of albums – a lot of money was spent on them! Now I have mixed emotions about having let him keep them, and I wonder if he listens to them at all, or if they have all been given away, destroyed, or just taking up space in some vinyl record storage case somewhere. And I know that if I had them now, they would probably just be taking up space in my basement, gathering dust, not being used at all.

I think the reason that I feel so melancholy about this is that those albums represented many years of my youth, and leaving them behind was a lot like leaving my youth behind. And I really don’t like that feeling very much at all!

Easy Easter Egg Tarts

I was on a mission to find something simple and easy to make for dessert for the neighborhood picnic this year. Well I found a a delicious looking fruit tart recipe. It has a sugar cookie crust and is topped with a yummy cream cheese frosting and fresh fruit. Because I’ve been short on time I’m using a store bought refrigerated cookie dough that I just have to slice and bake and a tray of fresh fruit. The cream cheese frosting has just a little vanilla and  powdered sugar mixed in with whipped cream cheese. This is just the type of thing I was looking for. Simple, fast, easy, and will still have the crowd oohing and ahhing.

To make it festive I thought I’d bake it in the shape of a giant Easter egg. Then, I thought it would be fun if I made them in individual sizes. I’m going to bake  a few dozen egg shaped cookies and then bring the frosting and fruit with me. Of course I’ll decorate a few to give people an idea of what to do.

I bet the kids will LOVE to decorate their own tarts. It’s a great way to get them to eat fresh fruit and have fun doing it. I’m excited for them just thinking about it.

I can’t wait to dive into these yummy Easter Egg tarts!

Beware the Ides

Never took Latin in school but I’m pretty sure that the Ides of March is March 15, that’s today. I know the Ides of March was a bummer for Caesar – his friends turned on him and killed him. I have been betrayed by people who I thought were friends, too. I think of that horrible moment that Caesar actually realized that all his friends had betrayed his trust. At least in my case, no one has killed me – yet!