Would love to learn how to salsa dance

salsa dancing (free clip art)

salsa dancing (free clip art)

I always wanted to take a variety of dance classes when I was married. My ex agreed to taking a brief course in ballroom dancing, but it was a disaster. He kept telling me that I was trying to lead and made a big scene. I used to dance with a variety of partners before we married, and nobody ever told me that I was trying to lead! Maybe my ex just needed to be a little bit stronger in his leading, I don’t know. Regardless, we never went dancing after that, and that made me really sad because I love to dance! I wish I could find a partner to take salsa classes santa monica with me so I could go out and have some fun again!

An Ex’s Birthday

Even though we broke up with a lot of bitterness and hard feelings, I still care a little bit about my ex. I don’t ever search him out or try to talk with him, but I do think of him every now and then. I know that his birthday is coming up in two days. I am not going to send him a card or call him up or anything. But I do remember the last birthday we shared together and how special I tried to make his whole day and night.

Unfortunately, he never made much effort to reciprocate. My birthday was a huge disappointment, especially since we had celebrated his in November, so he had several months to figure out what to do to make mine special. But he didn’t bother, and to be honest, I think that disappointment was the start of the end of our relationship.

It was then that I realized he wanted all the attention on him and was never going to be as giving or considerate as I wanted in a partner. And I also realized that the only reason he made such a fuss on Valentine’s Day was not because he was expressing his love for me. He was just dutifully buying me thing so he could have a night of great sex. I’m glad I didn’t waste any more time on him than I did, and although I recognize that his birthday is two days away, I no longer care if it is a happy day for him – or not.

The Yule Log

The Yule Log Dept 56

The Yule Log Dept 56

I am always interested in historical information about Holidays. When I saw the Yule Log for sale at department 56 dickens village I was interested to read the description that explained that it was thought to be good luck to have a large log burn during the twelve days of Christmas, which ends on January 6th. Supposedly if the log would burn that long it would bring prosperity and health to the household.

I never knew that was the thought process behind it! I wonder who created that story!

Strangest thing I ever heard

Now get this, a South African couple died after being hit by a freight train while having sexual intercourse on railroad tracks. Who in their right mind would have intercourse on train tracks? This was in the Mpumalanga Province of the African country. The engineer yelled warnings at the couple to move, but according to him, they ignored them.

The man, in his thirties, was dismembered and died at the scene. The woman, in her twenties, was transported to a local hospital but later died from her injuries. An investigation is taking place to determine if the woman was being raped or if she was having intercourse out of her own free will. What difference does that make now. Who would they prosecute if it was rape, he’s dead. It’s just a stupid tragedy if you ask me but what do I know? I know better than to have sex on train tracks, that’s for sure.

Celeste is free from her father

Since Celeste is 17 years old, she does not have to return to her parents as long as someone, me in other words, is appointed her legal guardian until she turned 18. Well I gladly accepted that responsibility. Since I have taken a restraining order out against her father, he can no longer come within 50 feet of my home and establishment. Celeste also took one out and now he can’t come within 50 feet of her anywhere she goes.

It’s a shame that such a beautiful and bright young woman should have to make such hard decisions about her own father but Celeste knows that she in turn must protect herself and her son. The law is on her side in all of this mess. Her hopes and dreams to be her own person, go to college and support herself and her son are what keep her going.

Life is hard at times and tough decisions are all a part of growing up. A 17 year old shouldn’t have to make such hard decisions but she has and has done it without malice or hatred in her heart. She will go far in life with her gentle and loving heart. I only can hope and pray she doesn’t develop a hard heart because of all of this. I honestly don’t think she will because we will surround her with love and respect here. I am so very proud of her.