What Would You Do If Today Was Your Last Day?

What would you do if today was your last day to live on the earth? Would you spend all of your money on frivolous things? Would you eat high calorie food and have have seconds and thirds and not care? Would you want to be all alone to meditate in your last moments alive? Who wold you want to spend your last moments of your life with? What would your last words be and who would you say them to?

If today is your last day how are you spending it? I’m spending today with my family. We’re having a family game night and movie night. We’re making homemade pizza and everyone is decorating their own pizzas and then we’re going to play a few board games. Finally we’ll finish up the night with a movie and some popcorn followed by nice warm mugs of hot cocoa.

I love spending time with my family, and if today really is my last day I’ll be happy to be spending it with those I love and hold most dear. What are your plans for the day today? Who are you spending it with?

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Crafts For All of Your Left Over Shims

Shims usually come in a pack. Ever wonder what to do with all of those left over shims? Well I’ve a few craft ideas for you to use up your shim stock.

1. Make a decorative piece of wall art by gluing the shims inside of a frame.

2. Create a beautiful sunburst looking wall mirror by surrounding a circular mirror with shims. If you turn the shims so they are stacked on each other and then lay them around the mirror it will look like a star burst. Cut the shims to different lengths for each point of the star.

3. Cover a planter box side with multiple colors of shims to add some texture and pops of color.

4. Staple a few to a piece of wood to make your own picture displays with no glass needed.

5. Stack a few shims together to make a Christmas tree and paint it green and leave the bottom shim turned vertical and stain it brown. I had to add this one in because it’s so close to Christmas. We actually made this one ourselves last year. It was quite easy to do and because shims are so inexpensive we got enough for everyone in the family to make one for themselves.

Do you have any fun ideas on ways to use up those shims you have laying around or even fun crafts to do with shims on purpose?

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Celebrating the Unity Ceremony With Sand & Candles

It is becoming more and more popular for couples to elect to have some form of unity ceremony during their wedding service. Unity ceremonies can symbolize the joining of two families into one and or the joining of the bride and groom into one flesh.The unity ceremony can be performed with candles or sand.

The candle unity ceremony consists of two long tapered candles and one larger unity candle. The tapered candles can either represent the bride and groom each or their respective families. It’s common for a representative from each family to light the tapered candles. This is usually done by the mothers of the bride and groom. During the ceremony the bridge and groom light the larger unity candle together with their tapered candles. This large candle represents the new couple and or the joining of the families into one unit that love the happy couple. The unity candle is often decorated with the wedding invitation, monogram, some inscription or a picture of the couple. These candles are more than often white in color. Depending on the representation and symbolism the couples elect to follow the individual tapered candles may be blown out or left lit.

A similar unity ceremony can be performed using sand. Instead of lighting a candle together, the couple uses colored sand from individual vessels and pours them together into a larger container. The sand can match the color scheme of the bridal party or be your classic black and white. Some couples elect to use a different color for each family member and have everyone participate, especially if there are children involved in the new marriage.

Whether you choose to have a sand or candle unity ceremony is up to you. There are many options to choose from style wise to have the perfect additions to your wedding ceremony.

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If Cars Could Talk

If cars could talk I’m sure they would have a lot to say about their owners. I bet each of the cars I’ve had will have something different to say about me. That’s probably because I was a different person with each of the cars I’ve owned.

The first car I owned as a teenager. I didn’t take care of it as best as I should have. There was wrappers from fast food places all over inside. I didn’t wash it nearly as much as it needed. That car would probably tell you I neglected it cosmetically. I always took it to get an oil change and tune ups as needed. I even bought new tires for it.

The next car I had in college would tell you that I loved to party. I would take it out to go dancing almost every night of the week. We drove up and down the coast to visit other dancers and go to different dance exchanges. That car would tell you I am a well traveled person.

Another car I had would tell you that I am a hard worker. I drove it to work every day. I also took pride in my car. It was the first car I owned with heated seats and I just couldn’t get enough of them. I washed this car weekly and even spent extra cash to get it detailed. I loved that car and wish I still had it today.

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Wedding Flutes To Make Your Toasts Memorable

Wedding flutes can be a terrific item to have personalized in order to commemorate your special day. You can get fancy wedding flutes or even simple and elegant wedding flutes, it all depends on your style and taste. During my searches I’ve even come across sets of wedding flutes that sit in a stand together and share a base.  I think these types of wedding flutes are precious and really make a statement, especially when the stems form a heart together.

Perhaps you would like your wedding flutes to be etched with your new monogram or the date that you are joined in holly matrimony, all of these options are available to you. Selecting the perfect champagne flutes for your wedding reception will make each and every toast that much more memorable.

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